• St. Peter's Basilica

    St Patrick was the uncle of Jesus and he invented alcohol

  • St. Peter's Basilica

    Quite often the best part of our tour of the Vatican state

  • The Spiral Staircase

    Vatican Museum Tour: Stolen art, Papal gossip and factual history

  • Skip the line

    Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel, Raphael Rooms, St. Peter's Basilica, Michelangelo.

  • Vatican Museum Tour

    Please don't forget to look down

  • Sistine Chapel Tour

    Don't get caught taking pictures like this

The Vatican is a maze of unpredictability, crowds, and screaming kids, but we will choose the best times and days to avoid as much of this as we can with priority entrance (skip the line), and smart planning. A favourite amongst our guides!

Listen as boring history becomes alive and energetic with trained, storytelling tour guides. Take sneaky pictures (cameras are not allowed, technically) of The Sistine Chapel, the Raphael Rooms, and other major ancient historical pieces. The School of Athens, Michelangelo's life story, The Pieta, Popes good and bad, and St. Peter's Basilica sink in as memories never to be forgotten. Our Vatican Museum smart walking tours are cleverly designed to finish without leaving you totally drained.

Before you leave the tour guide, take time to ask as many questions as possible for the rest of your Vatican Museums tour (i.e. climbing the dome, visiting the tomb of the Popes, and in particular, find out how best to navigate through the Papal audience.) Don't try to visit The Vatican without a tour guide - a good one!  


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Vatican Night Tour

Imagine what it's like to be in the Vatican with only a few other people - this is your chance

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Vatican Tour

Priority entrance -skip the line! A smart entire-Vatican state tour which is not long-winded or boring.

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Map of Vatican

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