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London the most visited city in the world. It's a heavy weight which doesn't hold back any punches and certainly punches above its own weight too. It's gigantic.

The city of London is growing fast, you will observe congestion and construction everywhere, adults in biz suits race past ye while you read your map or guidebook.  The underground system is an excellent maze, museums art exhibitions, places of important historian interest slap down on you at each corner!  The big guys are there too, MacDonald's Costa Starbucks and all the corporate sluts who remove individuality pounce next to major sights.    The UK pound looks passive but it's not at all cheap.  Let's face it, with so much opportunity the worst Street vendors and big businesses rule in this amazing metropolitan jungle.

Good judgment and wise planning is needed because London can eat you up, although I find the locals to be open minded and caring to visits visitors.  London is full of great walking guides, they have a fantastic sense of humour and are the type to know their own history to the value of a bottomless pit.  History in London never ends. 

Angel Tours London has these guides were found the best most casual dry witted and knowledgeable guides that this city can throw at your very feet. Kids even love our guides. We have Irish and English gives alomng with 1 Croatian/Canadian guide.  Imagine the type of history an Irish man or woman can give you in relation to the British Empire, actually you might be surprised with the level of fair mindedness.  But don't worry out guides do speak in an English you can understand lol.  

Our tours are private tours for couples, school groups, individuals, cruise ships, nuns, and drunken football hulligans might even apply.  Mostly a family or group of friends will get in touch by email and will ask what we offer so we chat through email and get your London walking tours into place depending on how much time you have and your general interest.  If you already know us and have had us reveal a city to you before then you will just trust us to throw a few walking tours together during your vacation in London.  

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