• Venice Gondola Tours

    Total rip off, but worth it

  • Angel Tours Venice

    This doesn't look real, but trust us - it is VERY real

  • Rialto, Venice

    A place to stop and stare for hours

  • Venice Walking Tours

    Each bridge has its story to tell

  • St Mark's Square

    A sight for sore eyes

The easiest city in the world to get happily lost in!

Our guides know every corner, bridge, and piazza, avoiding crowds, heat, and panic. Use our excellent English-speaking tour guides in Venice to deeply connect with an astonishing history and architecture - handpicked by Sean T.

Angel Tours' guides in Venice display their passion for the Grand Canal, St. Mark's Square and Basilica, The Doge's Palace, The Jewish Quarter, and the Rialto area. Our guides will enthusiastically recommend the best local restaurants, gondola rides, fashion districts, quiet areas to get away from it all, and even smart advice for the most romantic places and times to propose in Venice. Even the Essential Travel Magazine has written about us.

Getting lost in Venice is highly advisable.

-Sean T


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Venice Tours

Private Venice Walking Tour

Our guides are so connected that you see things that nobody else sees or skip the lines to the sites

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Christmas Day Tour Venice

You would shoot yourself in the head in Venice on Christmas day if you didn't have something to do, like this tour!

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Map of Venice

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